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I am delighted to be part of an organisation which has established such an enviable reputation for providing the highest quality of education accessible to talented boys and girls from underprivileged and marginalised sections of society, with special emphasis on female education. This is what we set out to do and Alhamdulillah this is what the family of friends and supporters of KEF continues to focus on. I want to congratulate class 10 students, their teachers and the families of Pearl Valley Public School (PVPS) for their outstanding achievements. To be judged as the school with the best results in the whole of the country by the Federal Board is no mean feat. I have never had any doubts about the potential capability of our children at PVPS. It has given me great pleasure over the past ten years to observe our pilot project developing into a centre of excellence and a beacon of hope. To the friends and supporters of KEF I want to say enjoy the fruits of your efforts and proudly announce to those who were reluctant to share our extraordinary vision that our efforts are worthy of acclaim.

Pearl Valley Public School has once again produced excellent results in the Federal Board Examination. They have done exceptionally well. The results details is as below:

Year 9
Number of Total Students : 15
A+ Grade   : 8
A Grade     : 5              Result 100 %
B Grade     : 2

Year 10 (5th Batch)
Number of Total Students : 17
A+ Grade   : 13      
A Grade     : 3               Result 100%
B Grade     : 1

Year 11 (F.Sc Part I)
Number of Total Students : 16
A+ Grade   : 1
A Grade     : 7               Result 100 %
B Grade     : 7
C Grade     : 1
I wish to congratulate the families, the teachers and the KEF community for this outstanding achievement. Such wonderful success stories should motivate all of us to continue our efforts in support of KEF. I want to ask the trustees to increase their efforts so that we can show our appreciation for the generosity of our supporters. In fact I would like to urge each and every one of you to share the good news about KEF successes more widely and get as many of your friends, neighbors, colleagues and members of the local community to get involved in raising funds and offering whatever support they can.

I look forward to sharing the continuous replication of this success story by building many more schools in other rural districts around the country. A lot will depend on the financial support which comes with the wide ranging encouragement and moral support we receive whenever we make a presentation. This ambitious programme of development is about investing time, effort and financial resources towards our future generations. So I urge you to be counted amongst those who wish to contribute constructively towards taking Pakistan’s deserving talented children into a brighter future.

We intend to continue exploring different ways to raise awareness, improve our capacity to raise funds and take every opportunity to make progress in every aspect of our work with the Grace of Allah and with the support of our friends and supporters. However, I have to say that when I look back to the days when we started our collective efforts in the name of KEF the progress to date is nothing short of amazing. We thank Allah for giving us all the opportunity to be of service to

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